Giving a new life to your interior

Beautiful interior design can go hand in hand with sound-absorbing properties.

Simple solutions are the best. We offer you modern and aesthetic forms, which thanks to the materials used, i.e. felt and foam with the appropriate structure, absorb sound and improve the acoustics of the selected room. No more noise, it is a time for felt and flock!

What our customers say

I have installed acoustic panels in the shape of a hexagon in the office. They look beautiful and the surface is muted!

PaweĊ‚ S.

We decided to buy fire-retardant panels for kindergarten, they are colorful and interesting, they look beautiful in the room for the youngest children.

Janina J.

During the renovation of the office I was looking for cool solutions that will modernize conference rooms and other rooms. I recommend working with Mr. Robert, the office has been comprehensively equipped and looks very modern!

Karol R.